Basalt Gurgler

1 day installation
9 sq ft

Add spa-quality class to your property with a 3-stone basalt gurgler! Our package comes with 3 waterproof LED accent lights, 3 gurgling columns and a border of river rock. The soft trickle of cascading water adds to your peaceful home ambience. Great for front entrance or backyard corner.

Easy. Affordable. Soothing.

Mid-Size Garden Falls

2 day installation
20' long x 2' wide x 2' deep

Bring a woodland creek into your backyard with our Garden Falls package! Custom designed to your space, we install a 20 ft long river rock stream 18-24" wide, 4 cascading falls/grade changes, and a rock basin 6-8 ft wide, 2 ft deep. It's the perfect size for most gardens. Choose whether the stream empties into a pond (plant & fish friendly!), or a kid & pet-friendly pondless rock basin. Comes with 3 waterproof LED accent lights.


Want a custom shape and size? Let us help you design a water feature perfectly tuned to your outdoor living space. Custom water installations start at $8,000.