Terrace your slope.

Many homes on the West Coast of B.C. are built with breathtaking views; however, those amazing sights are often accompanied by plenty of challenges and obstacles.  It is very common for properties from Whistler to White Rock to have exceptionally challenging slopes.  Fortunately for you our team has extensive experience with the local geography, giving us the ability to take an unsightly and often muddy slope or hillside and turn it into a beautiful set of terraced garden beds. One of the benefits of our rugged terrain requiring retaining walls is that we now have developed countless options for magnificent products like few other places in the world!

Add space and appeal.

Garden walls are a fantastic way to decoratively increase the function of any outdoor space. Even a small wall will help to create designated focal points such as a water feature or ornamental garden bed. Our team of qualified installers has the ability to shape walls to almost any angle or height. This allows us to give a distinct identity to each and every wall we build. You can choose from a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colours of block or natural stone to complement existing indoor and outdoor structures, giving your whole property a much more refined and intentional appearance. Retaining walls increase the usable space on a property and add instant curb appeal. Who doesn’t want that?

Manage drainage.

Behind retaining walls we install ground-water management systems to capture and direct the sub-surface water. If this drainage installation process is not managed correctly, a wall can quickly become a major hazard or liability for your property—even collapse and cause severe damage. The buildup of hydro-static pressure can be a very dangerous issue. This is the very reason our crew is trained and certified, as we want to protect you and your investment!