The 50-year-old beams in the North Vancouver backyard were rotting. The situation was unsafe for their young kids, on such a steep slope. That's when Steve called us to install a green retaining wall.

We used Flex MSE Vegetated Wall System a recycled, non-toxic product with applicable LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits. Replacing the crumbling wood beams, we installed 300 square feet of wall in just 7 days. This wall will last more than 100 years (Flex MSE has a 120 year ASTM System Life rating). We planted strawberries and other creeping vines within the individual wall bags. Our hunch is that this won't be the last strawberry wall we'll have the privilege of building.

The lower half of the backyard was left untouched, for a more natural look, though you can see the immediate difference our new retaining wall has made in the safety, appearance, and sustainability of the home!

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