Dog, dirt & drought friendly.

How many times have you cleaned your dog's paws after it tracked mud into the house? How many times have you cringed at the path your pooch has worn across the lawn? 

Save time, money and energy with a synthetic turf lawn. No hole digging, no watering, no fuss.

It's versatile.

Synthetic turf is one of our best-selling products. Many are appreciating the benefits that a turf lawn can provide. We know this can be a heated topic. There are some who feel loyalty to "real grass." We dig that (pun intended). We like real grass too. Though there are 4 applications in which turf is a wonderful option:

  • Heavily shaded areas
  • Townhouses/rowhomes
  • Poorly draining areas
  • No-maintenance yards

Weigh both sides.

We've been in the landscaping industry since 2005, and synthetic turf products have changed considerably. Everyone's got an opinion on it, so rather than defend either side, we decided to be transparent and list the pros & cons right here.


  • No allergens
  • No seasonal maintenance costs
  • No maintenance time
  • No equipment costs
  • Kid & pet friendly
  • No weeds
  • No mole holes
  • Looks natural
  • Good drainage
  • Always looks clean & tidy
  • Can install a putting green


  • Not real grass
  • Old turf looks fake (particularly the '90s and earlier versions)
  • Higher installation costs
  • No natural scent/smell
  • Less bugs/insects
  • Can make future building projects slower
  • Cheap turfs can be rigid/prickly
  • Sand below the turf is harder than regular soil

We are certified installers with Bella Turf. Our clients have been really pleased with this product's performance, and we recommend it to anyone who will listen. Interested? Let's chat about that challenging spot in your yard.

Prices typically ranges from $10-14/square foot, with a $2,000 minimum project price.

here's a few more homes with bella turf.

*Photos courtesy of Bella Turf.