Beautiful surfaces.

Pavers are a great addition to any outdoor living space because they provide a beautiful and functional surface. Whether you’re looking to put in a new driveway, improve an existing walkway, or create additional BBQ space, pavers are the way to go. We have certified ICPI members on staff who have installed complicated projects such as the Hyundai logo at the Richmond Open Road dealership. Bricks and slabs add accessibility and accent the your property's existing colour scheme. We can design an old country cobblestone feel or a sharp and clean modern appearance. A great way to increase the square footage of your living space is to add a patio. The transition from inside to out will feel effortless, comfortable, and appealing.

Long lasting.

Unlike the other comparable surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, pavers have a much longer life-span. You'll never have to worry about them cracking or breaking: quality pavers with professional installation can last hundreds of years—just look at the European cobblestone roads that still exist today! Your options for shape, size, colour and texture are almost limitless and we can build them in any pattern or design. Pavers can be coated with a special sealing agent that protects them from the outdoor elements such as weeds, moss, ants, or stains. The sealer also works to ensure the stone colour stays vibrant.  


Did you know that paving stones are one of the most environmentally friendly paving options available? That's our favourite fact about this product! Most pavers are permeable, which means they absorb rainwater and weep it into the sub-grade soils below, restoring your local water table. Also, if you ever need to remove a section in your driveway or pathway for home updates such as installation of pipes or cable, you could do so with zero waste, unlike the other paving surfaces which cannot be re-used and would have a much higher repair cost. In the event of an earthquake or another natural disaster, pavers are the most resilient surfacing product. In our opinion, pavers are the rare combination of aesthetic investment and structural capacity.

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