Rain, Snow, Sleet, & Hail

With the onset of winter, you may be wondering how you can best prepare your yard for winter. Here are 5 tips to keep your landscape looking neat, clean, and beautiful, even in the coming months of rain, snow, sleet, and hail!

  1. Sweep out those stems! It's very important that blackened stems and any other aspect of your plants from summer that look diseased be cleared from your garden beds. Failure to do so, allows “disease pathogens and insect eggs” to cultivate over winter under the blanketing of snow and ice.

  2. Spare the spread! Hold off on spreading your compost until your yard has experienced a good freeze. This prevents mice, insects, and other creepy crawlies from making your yard their home!

  3. Wrap up tight! Wrap the base of young saplings with a tree guard or wire to keep animals from wrecking their base during the wet winter months when roots may be more vulnerable in the mud.

  4. Bury your winter bulbs in evergreen. Nothing says Christmas like planting the bulbs you want to see in Spring down deep, covering them in evergreen to protect them from being dredged up to the soil's surface before they can take root.

  5. Curate your cuttings! Take cuttings of any plants you want to enjoy during the winter months and start growing them indoors. It will feel like summer all year round!

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