Using Any Space

We have all heard about the skyrocketing real estate prices around Vancouver. But having small property is not an excuse to avoid turning your space into an intentional part of your home.

In fact, specifically crafting the space you do have is bound to help it feel larger, make it more functional, and reduce your stress levels!

Make small spaces bigger! When we look at a space, we can envision using parts of it that you forgot about, like the back corner where some weeds have grown, or the wall of your storage shed, or the middle of it where a small fountain would add life. Capitalizing on each of these spaces and creating new dimensions will make it feel larger.

Maximize the functionality! Once your space has been redesigned to maximize the underutilized areas, you get to rediscover its functionality too. Come to us with ideas of what you want your space to be used for and those can be planned into the designs. A properly designed space can also be more of a multi-functional space. Your kids will be able to play, you’ll have the opportunity to entertain and everyone can use it to relax.

Reduce the stress! An intentionally designed space will also help reduce your stress levels. Studies show that clutter, whether in your home, at your work, or around your garden, causes excessive stimuli on the brain. This makes it harder to focus, more difficult to relax, and hinders your creativity and productivity.

We have the imagination and experience to use every inch of your space to make it beautiful and uniquely yours.

Let us help you maximize your property!