Fill in the Gaps with Edible Gardening

Every year during spring and summer there are a few pockets in the garden that are bare.

Maybe you lost some plants over the winter, or just never bothered to fill in that spot. Personally, I like gardens that are spaced well and symmetrical – not bursting with little bits of everything! But every garden is different. Now is the time to get started on those planting & transplanting projects. If you do have shrubs that have taken off and taken over, well… it’s time for a “hack-back” or possibly a relocation.

With these new gaps, I would CERTAINLY recommend putting in some edible plants! Rosemary, mint, and chives are SUPER hardy. I’d be surprised if they didn’t survive in anyone’s garden. Decorative grasses are also pretty trendy right now – and chives look like a fancy grass at first glance. If you need a low-growing hedge or something to line your front door entrance, then rosemary or mint would be a great choice! They will smell wonderful as your company arrives or when the kids brush up against them as they play. And, of course, you can always clip and eat them as needed! One of my wife’s favourite teas (and she loves her tea) is FRESH mint tea. She puts on the kettle and while it’s warming up she snags a few sprigs of mint from the back deck, drops them in the tea pot and just like that – she swears it’s the best!

If you have plants & trees in your yard, you should be getting a steady return on them, not just putting time and cash into maintaining their appearance. Get out there and eat from your garden – there is nothing quite like it and your company will always be impressed!