Adding Light and Life in Every Season

During winter in some parts of Canada it is freezing cold and covered in excessive amounts of snow, but still bright sunshine (think North and East). In other parts of Canada (think Beautiful British Columbia), there’s rain and grey skies. Without as much sunshine in the mild BC winters, everyone has lower levels of serotonin hormones, which can lead to a higher risk of seasonal depression.

This is why we want to help add light and new life to your yard.

Landscaping designs can open up your yard so you can access more of the little light we get. This could include trimming back overhanging trees or moving plants which block the sunlight from getting into your yard. This could also be having furniture or building-siding painted brighter or lighter colours.

We can suggest winter appropriate options. For example, plants which will stay alive during the winter months. Or, a benefit of not having constantly freezing temperatures, a water feature could be added.

Another method of adding light is by physically adding lights. This could mean lights along a path, small lights above your head to mimic the stars, or putting lights on a tree or into the water feature.

We want you to have a wonderful winter and hope we can help by developing a space with new life and new light for you to enjoy this and every season.