Water Features

Healing Waters

Water is good for the soul.

It's also a symbol for life and healing. Many of our clients have chosen to add a water feature to their property in memory of someone, or something. 

Perhaps you or someone close to you has experienced recent health challenges. Running water brings a natural beauty that offers both visual and auditory stimulation to your senses. Spending a quiet moment by still or running water can help promote positive thinking and reduce anxiety. 

Peaceful. Oasis. Safe.

Waterfalls and streams are loud enough to block out traffic and other neighbourhood noise (isn't that the main appeal of a backyard getaway—peace and quiet?). Ponds offer a unique serenity to your outdoor space, and those that are designed and installed correctly have their own self-sustaining eco-system. 

Chat with us about a water feature that meets your wish list. We can make them child-friendly, eco-friendly, water-wise, adjustable, compact, meandering, and more.