A Definition of "Green" Terms

Green. Sustainable. Eco-friendly. Conservation. Years ago, these “green” terms were used to represent images of un-kept, chaotic landscapes with big compost bins. The well-maintained properties that had big driveways and unique features were viewed as damaging to the environment and unsustainable.

TBO's Landscaping has found the “sweet spot” between the two extremes: we create eco-chic landscape designs which are eco-friendly and breathtaking. Eye-catching features with sustainable practices and products give our clients the best of both worlds. This is how we can accommodate your lifestyle and the environment!

Green landscapes are a perfect combination of materials, methods and maintenance procedures. The ultimate sustainable garden is made up of all eco-friendly materials, installed using low-impact methods and is maintained in a way that conserves resources such as fuel and water.

What qualifies as "eco-friendly"?

Eco-friendly supplies are those that are being reused, are sustainable, or have been created from recycled materials. Reuse of materials often saves money and is a great way to keep potential waste out of the landfill.

Our method.

We can achieve a green garden by simply creating a clear and concise plan that outlines the correct materials for the upcoming project. Our green landscape construction methods are designed to conserve soil quality, existing root systems for plants, and protect any water sources nearby. When creating a design we do our best to limit dramatic changes from the existing landscape to minimize our environmental footprint.

Making a greener landscape comes down to simple choices like adding pavers instead of concrete or asphalt. Interlocking pavers allow rain water to percolate into the ground below helping to restore the local water table. Another simple example of going green is to add some fruit, herbs, or vegetables amongst your garden beds! Why not eat food grown on your property? Eco-chic landscaping has plenty to offer anyone with a yard and, oftentimes, these designs become the showcase and conversation piece of the neighbourhood!