The Greenest Lawn Solution

Brown, brown, green, brown. Take a walk in your neighbourhood, and you will see the result of drought and water restrictions. Have a suspicion that someone is watering when he isn’t supposed to? Take a closer look. Your neighbour’s lawn just might be synthetic turf.

Our clients used to be surprised that turf is one of our best-selling products, but not anymore. Those who have turf lawns are patting themselves on the back this summer—turf requires virtually NO maintenance, produces ZERO allergens, it’s ALWAYS green, and it’s kid and pet friendly. 

We’ve all heard the news: as of July 20, the City of Vancouver announced Stage 3 watering restrictions are now in effect. No lawn sprinkling. You could be fined $250 for doing so.

Why wait? Our next couple of summers could be just as dry. Many are making the switch now to synthetic lawns. It’s the ever-green, eco-green option (like the pun?).