Ready For Raincouver

Fall is just around the corner and the rainy season will soon be upon us. But don’t fear; TBO Landscape Systems is here to help! It’s no secret that Vancouver is a city known for its rain.

Reported to be one of the “7 wettest places on earth” by BC Living Magazine, Vancouverites often jokingly refer to their city as “Raincouver.” Last year (2015), Vancouver received 516.20 mm of rain in its last quarter alone and TBO Landscape Systems was often called in to help manage the worry that comes with the wet! 

Photo Credit: Fraser Valley File

Just this past June, 2016 some residents in West Vancouver had to be evacuated from their homes due to heavy rain and flooding. Gardens were flooded and large amounts of earth were destabilized.

While it is unusual for people in British Columbia to be evacuated because of heavy rain, one of the challenges that routinely occurs in a wet climate with rocky and mountainous terrain is the crumbling of slopes and hills in backyards. This often leads to the destabilization of backyard spaces that become dangerous for children and even adults to walk on or around. Additionally, the damp climate often contributes to rot in stairs or reinforcing structures in addition to drainage issues. We see it all the time!

Work with us to terrace your backyard, reinforce your stairs, install a ground-water drainage system, or build a retaining wall. Our experienced team will work to make your backyard functional and safe again.

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