From Green to Good Health

Photo Source: Unsplash.

Did you know that people who live with access to a green space have been found to be healthier than their peers living day to day in the concrete jungle? It’s true! The benefits of living in an green, urban space have been proven to have long term positive effect on your health.

Researcher Mathew White, of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health at the University of Exeter in the UK, has discovered that people living in greener urban areas were displaying fewer signs of depression or anxiety. Research has also come out of the University of Washington, where scholars have made a clear case for the benefits of cultivating urban green spaces.

Having quality landscaping and vegetation in and around the places where people work and study is a good investment. Both visual access and being within green space helps to restore the mind’s ability to focus. This can improve job and school performance, and help alleviate mental stress and illness.”

Access to urban parks was cited as a helpful tool to help people gain proximity to this beneficial kind of environment. Work with TBO and bring the same water features and green space you'd find in a park to your own backyard! 

Our clients often come to us so that we can help them design the most peaceful and relaxing space possible for whatever space and budget they may have. Water features such as the installation of floating steps, a basalt gurgler, or a mid-sized garden falls nestled in a wood have been found to transform backyards into beautiful spaces of retreat for our clients.

Just recently we designed and installed our first zen garden. Located in beautiful White Rock, British Columbia, this peaceful space is located on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Tasteful lighting, urban, statues, rock structures, and vegetation were used to create a soothing backyard oasis.

Share with us, do you find that you feel less anxious and on the whole more healthy after spending time in your garden? What aspects of your garden to you find to be the most enjoyable and/or relaxing? We would love to hear from you.

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