Putt Like the Pros

Photo Source: Unsplash.

What do Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre, golf pro Tiger Woods, actor Mark Wahlberg, and NASCAR star Kevin Harvick all have in common? They all have golf courses built into their backyard. Thanks to new technology, you no longer have to be on the same pay grade as these A-list stars to have your very own putting green in the backyard.

This month, we took a moment to talk to TBO Landscape Systems founder Rob Thibault to get the down on (getting rid of) the dirty grass in your yard!

Q: What is one thing you wish your customers knew about getting synthetic turf installed?

A: I wish customers could understand how easily we can customize turf to the size and shape of their backyard. It doesn't matter how small or "awkward shaped" your yard or porch is - give us a little time and we can transform it into a beautiful green space! I also wish they knew that they were really saying goodbye to mud and potholes. A well installed synthetic turf allows you, your pets, and kids to enjoy your backyard regardless of the weather!

Q: You recently went to Nice, France and shared with your followers some fun sightings of turf installed there. So spill the beans, do you have a favourite celebrity home or public space that you think has used turf to transform their space well?

A: I just watched a documentary on Tony Robbins. His home, located right near the ocean, had this amazing cold dunking tub and beautiful synthetic lawn!

Q: Can you share your favourite client experience where you transformed their space through the installation of synthetic turf?

A: One of my favourite installation experiences occurred just recently. An easygoing homeowner in Kitsilano had originally been considering installing a synthetic lawn. We got talking and he mentioned that he and his family had this fun annual tradition of hosting a mini golf tournament every summer at their cabin. This client's wife won every time. By the end of our discussion he'd decided to install a putting green instead of a synthetic lawn so he could get in some extra practice during the year to give his wife a run for her money at the next golf tournament! We even added a few lights in the trees as accents to this new green so he could get in the occasional late night practice or two!

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